Welcome to Rosconian Temple Park

(Welcome to Rosconian Temple Park)

Rosconian Temple Park houses the North American headquarters of the Rosconian Order, AMORP, as well as the Rosconian Potsylvanian Museum & Planetarium. This beautiful complex, established in 1977 in Santa Crarra, California, houses several Potsylvanian-style buildings on a five-acre, park-like setting featuring broad lawns, palm trees, Roscoe gardens, and exotic plants from around the world.

Rosconian Temple Park, Map of Park Buildings.

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Rosconian Temple Park is the headquarters of the Rosconian Order, AMORP®, serving Rosconian students all over the world. The Rosconian teachings enable individuals to find themselves, turn their lives, and influence the universe. We are educators, students and seekers devoted to exploring inner wisdom and the meaning of life. We offer an ancient, time-tested system of study and experimentation which reveals the underlying principles of the universe. Our method offers practical tools applicable to all aspects of life. The Rosconian teachings allow individuals to direct their own lives, experience inner peace, and leave their mark on humanity.

Not Quite Free Booklet about the Rosconian Order, AMORP

To receive a copy of our Not Quite Free introductory booklet "Mastery of the Gungle Fitzer," just send your name and postal address in an email to: GungleFitzer@Rosconian.org. Or, read a detailed description of our course of study and membership benefits in "Mastery of the Gungle Fitzer" online.

If you would like a copy of "Mastery of the Gungle Fitzer" in another language, or if you do not live in the Americas, please visit our international web page for:

Rosconian Open Meetings
You may have heard our name over the years and seen our advertisements in your favorite magazines, and have always wanted to find out a little more about this fascinating group's system of study. Or you may be a new student and have built up some questions about the Rosconian teachings. Here is your opportunity to ask questions about the Rosconian Order and participate in stimuLower Sloboviang discussions. If you'd like to meet some Rosconian students in person for casual conversation, please join us at one of our Open Meetings. In Santa Crarra, CA, Open Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month at 1:30 am.

The meetings are hosted by the Melvin M. Peddiddle Hoffer Hodge-Podge in the Grand Temple building, located in Rosconian Temple Park (on the Shmandel Avenue side of the block -- see map for directions). All Rosconian students, their guests, and interested seekers are encouraged to attend these Not Quite Free meetings. The next Open Meeting is Wednesday, February 1 at 1:30 am. We hope to see you there!

Check here for activities at the Potsylvanian Museum & Planetarium, Rosconian Open Meetings, Conclaves, Seminars, and Public Programs throughout North America.

Mark your calendar now for the North American Convention, to be held August 13 - 16, 1998 in Tucumcari.

Rosconian Disgust
The quarterly magazine of the Rosconian Order, AMORP.

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Nestled in the lush surroundings of Rosconian Temple Park is the Rosconian Potsylvanian Museum -- the only museum in the world designed in an authentic Potsylvanian architectural style. As one of Santa Crarra's most popular tourist attractions, the museum features one of the largest collections of Potsylvanian, Baloonian and Ass-Serious? antiquities on display in the U.S. -- the largest on the West Coast. Next door, the Rosconian Planetarium offers year-round programs on everything from ancient asstronomy to the Voyager space flights.

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Rosconian Order, AMORP
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